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How do we help you make those connections?

Technology & services built for the candidate journey

Your ATS only tells you who applies. But what about the 74% of candidates who don’t apply today? Now, they remain anonymous – a missed opportunity. But with SmashFly, they become a lead you can market to throughout their career search now and in the future.

Our Recruitment Marketing Platform & Services enable you to see and track every person’s unique candidate journey with your brand, helping you master the art and science of finding and hiring people who fit.


Why SmashFly?

SmashFly customers have an advantage over the competition.
Partnered with our Enterprise Recruitment Marketing Platform, they are:


Our customers can accurately see every person’s candidate journey across every touchpoint, from awareness to hire – not just the last source before apply.

They gain unparalleled insight into the sources that influence the candidate journey so they can make smarter decisions about strategy and budget.

Candidate journey Candidate chart
Candidate journey Candidate journey


Our customers can market their employer brand consistently across every channel through targeted content and compelling job descriptions, connecting with people on “why” they should work together.

They increase brand awareness, provide a seamless candidate experience and connect with candidates on purpose, driving right-fit hires.

Candidate experience


Our customers can initiate and develop relationships with people earlier by capturing their interest from any touchpoint, instead of expecting every person to apply today.

They know who is interested, nurture them with the right message and build talent pipelines over time to be the employer of choice when timing is right.


We're looking forward to the technical innovation coupled with employment brand insights the team brings.

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We Fit Into Your Tech Stack

Have an ATS? We integrate with it. Thinking about changing ATSes in the future? We’ll help you when the time comes. Our platform is built to grow with you as your challenges, or technologies, change.

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From your first demo to platform implementation to crafting a winning recruitment marketing strategy, SmashFly’s recruitment marketing specialists are your go-to partners. (And they rock.)

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