About Us

SmashFly is Transforming the Way Organizations Recruit

SmashFly’s Enterprise Recruitment Marketing Platform and Services let you master the art and science of attracting and hiring the right people who fit your organization. Unlike disconnected recruiting tools that break the candidate experience and lack trustworthy analytics to make smarter decisions, SmashFly provides the only enterprise recruitment marketing solution to support a brand-led, relationship-based and data-driven strategy so you can hire with purpose, unleashing your potential. Simply put, we’re leading a Business-to-Talent © movement (what we like to call “B2T”) that we believe will fundamentally transform how companies connect with the people they need to thrive.

Our Team

is strong and growing wicked fast (as we say here in Boston). We come from organizations like BrassRing, Taleo, Oracle, SuccessFactors, Jobs2Web, TMP, and CareerBuilder, with 170 years of combined experience in HR technology.

SmashFly Leadership

We’re united by a passion for what we do, support each other to succeed and laugh a lot along the way. We live across the nation — from California to the New York island … literally. We grill in the summer, play office basketball in the winter and work in whatever space or chair makes us the most productive for our customers and team.

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Our Customers

are heroes, pioneers, innovators and business leaders. They are bold and modern and paving a new way with us in recruitment marketing. They range from global Fortune 1000 organizations to fast-growing mid-market companies. And we’re lucky to be able to grow with them.