3 Recruitment Analytics Truths

Big Data and analytics are talked about like they just happen. That one day you can decide you want analytics, and the next, you have this rich data that helps you make better decisions. But let’s face it – a truly powerful, meaningful approach to analytics isn’t simple or easy. Cutting through the mass of data to unlock actionable insights takes serious work and thoughtful design. Chances are, you’re already sitting on the information you need to drive your company’s next big decision; but it’s useless until you know what questions to ask and what their answers actually mean.

Chris Brablc, Director of Marketing at SmashFly Technologies, shares his top three insights for avoiding these traps. These truths, though rarely mentioned, lie at the heart of every successful analytics strategy. Discover how to:

  • Identify the right questions to ask about your recruitment strategy.
  • Learn why the “how” of data collection and storage matters.
  • Be more successful in collecting, analyzing, and employing your data.
  • Understand how your analytics strategy can improve with time.
  • Assess your current analytics software – are you getting the insights you need?

Becoming a data-driven organization doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a way of thinking that takes time to master. Whether or not you’re used to working with data, understanding these three big (yet little-known) ideas is key to owning your recruitment analytics every step of the way.

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