iTalent Competition – HRO Today Forum 2014

A fascinating look at the future of recruiting. SmashFly CEO Mike Hennessy delivers a highly informative presentation at the HRO Today Forum’s iTalent Competition, discussing innovation in the HR sphere and the emerging discipline of recruitment marketing.

If you ask a CEO what the number one thing they can do to have an impact on their company’s success is, what do you think they’d say? Mike’s answer: “Hiring the right people.” Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it sounds. In today’s hyper-connected world, the face of recruitment is changing. The victors in the war for top talent will be those with the best technology, the best people, and the best process in place to attract the right candidates.

Mike gives an illuminating 7-minute presentation on the recruiting challenge that’s going to drive innovation in the space for the next 5-10 years; the key inspiration talent acquisition professionals can draw from sales and marketing; and why it’s absolutely vital to have a proactive recruitment marketing strategy. He provides techniques that empower you to:

  • Market jobs and socialize with candidates wherever they are.
  • Do more than simply filling jobs today; shift your focus to building pipelines of talent for the future.
  • Elevate your message for better engagement.
  • Funnel more qualified candidates to your recruiters, leading to more quality hires.
  • Measure the effectiveness of every step along the way.

Watch Mike’s presentation below, starting at 4:04.