2015 Employee Referral Survey Report – Increasing Referrals

Wondering how to turn your Employee Referral Program (ERP) into a mine of high-quality talent? Looking for great tips on managing referrals, incentivizing program participation, and ensure candidate quality?

SmashFly has compiled research that reveals where your ERP stacks up, and provides expert recommendations on how you can maximize its effectiveness – producing more referrals and more high-quality hires than ever before.

Download the report and you’ll learn where you stand in the pack:

  • See the percentage of organizations with formal ERPs and the results they deliver
  • Learn the ways organizations manage and track referrals today, as well as the challenges they face in doing so
  • View the most popular incentives used to reward successful referrals
  • Learn what you can do to generate more hires from referrals without sacrificing quality of candidates

The data, collected from an April 2015 survey of talent acquisition and human resources professionals, can also help you garner leadership buy-in when you’re looking to change the way your organization does employee referrals

Changing the status quo isn’t ever easy, but in the case of ERPs, it’s totally worth it – they produce a high volume of qualified candidates, recommended by the people who know your company best.

Check out the results of our research in this exciting report, and learn how to maximize the success of your employee referral program. #SmashFlyReferrals

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