HR Tech 2014: Lockheed Accelerates with Total Recruitment Marketing

This is what a holistic plan to revolutionize your talent acquisition strategy looks like.

Lockheed Martin is a multibillion-dollar aeronautics and defense technology company, so when it comes to hiring, there’s a lot on the line. They needed a best-in-class recruitment marketing platform to rocket their talent acquisition strategy to the next level – so they chose SmashFly.

This brief case study covers everything from Lockheed’s preliminary goals to lessons learned, RM platform must-haves to the challenges faced in implementation. In addition, it provides an introduction to the discipline of recruitment marketing and how SmashFly can power a total talent acquisition revolution for your organization.

Learn how you can mimic Lockheed’s successes – like establishing a talent network drawing over 2,500 subscribers every day, shifting from a reactive to proactive TA model, and build the foundation for a bright future by targeting top-tier candidates.