OHUG 2014: How CDW connected the dots with a Recruitment Marketing Platform

CDW is a global provider of IT solutions for business, education, and healthcare organizations, requires an enormous pool of highly skilled talent. When its traditional recruitment model failed to produce the quality hires needed to meet aggressive growth targets, the company’s talent acquisition leadership decided to totally transform their approach by investing in the SmashFly Total Recruitment Marketing Platform.

This trusted, best-in-class technology allowed them to accomplish their hardest-to-reach talent acquisition goals:

  • Simplify and integrate outreach across multiple job sites and social channels
  • Build robust talent pipelines of warm leads to be leveraged in the future
  • Engage passive as well as active talent
  • Increase mobile-friendliness of careers site and application process
  • Integrate fully with existing ATS

The overall result? Better hires, faster, and a more comprehensive recruitment strategy.

These slides accompany the in-depth presentation by Troy Heinritz, Manager of HR Technology Projects at CDW, delivered at the 2014 OHUG Global Conference.