“I wasn’t planning on buying a recruitment marketing platform. How do I justify the spend?”

You have aggressive hiring objectives and big goals for diversity. You need greater awareness for your employer brand and an improved candidate experience. But like most talent acquisition leaders, you also have a fixed recruiting budget that you need to make the most of.

Think about how much you currently spend on all your recruiting strategies – everything you do to source and attract talent – including job board advertising, agency spend, LinkedIn, social, events, your career site and more. Do you know what’s working and what’s not to drive more quality hires?

Without a Recruitment Marketing Platform, you likely don’t have a clear view into how best to spend your budget and apply your resources. You’re stretched across multiple channels and even multiple tools without analytics you can trust to know the best ROI for your efforts.

Here’s the worst news: you’re probably wasting 74% of your recruiting budget (and don’t realize it).

74% of candidate leads who start the apply process drop off before completing it. These leads visit your career site or view your job ads, but exit the application process before you know who they are. That’s like throwing away 74% of your recruitment advertising and marketing budget!

In truth the question isn’t about the cost of the recruitment marketing platform, but rather the cost of not having one, and what you really can’t afford is to fall behind the pack. Best-in-class organizations are twice as likely to use recruitment marketing strategies and 30% more likely to invest in new technologies like a Recruitment Marketing Platform that focus on attracting and engaging candidates. A Recruitment Marketing Platform helps you get better results from your existing recruiting budget by attracting and capturing more leads at the top of the funnel and building and nurturing a pipeline of quality talent so you can fill jobs now and in the future faster and more cost effectively. Download this guide today to learn how organizations such as yours are actually reducing their overall budgets by investing in a recruitment marketing platform.

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