Recruitment Marketing 101 eBook

This is hands down the most complete introduction to recruitment marketing that you’ll find.

Recruitment marketing isn’t a new term. But its scope has expanded greatly over the past few years, transforming what was once a buzzword into a truly holistic discipline. Before we get started, let’s answer the classic question: why should you care? Well, it turns out that employing inbound tactics to talent acquisition leads to some pretty amazing results. Organizations that employ recruitment marketing techniques generate:

  • 3X more leads
  • 10% greater revenue
  • 100% higher close rate

Recruitment Marketing – It’s your secret weapon for increasing candidate flow and conversion through the recruitment funnel. And it’s not that hard to make these techniques work for you – starting today, with this eBook.

By reading this guide, you’ll have a better handle on the changing landscape of talent acquisition as well as the emerging skills, tactics and technology that you’ll need to consistently attract, engage, nurture and convert the right candidates with the right skills to your organization.

Go ahead, download a copy. Be the leader your organization needs to drive its talent acquisition strategy into the future. Somebody (a lot of satisfied hires and hiring managers, probably) will thank you for doing so.

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