5 Stages of the Candidate Experience

Inside the Candidate's Decision Making Process

Top candidates today are empowered, savvy, and in high demand. With so many options, employers need a compelling and proactive employer brand to attract the best candidates to work for their organization. Plus, with unemployment at an 8-year low and the number of job openings increasing daily, an exceptional candidate experience is more valuable than ever.

The fact is: Candidates don’t need employers as much as employers need candidates!

Candidates are consumers. And as consumers, candidates are used to personalization – from social connections to how they buy products and services. When candidates are searching for a new job (one of the most important choices a person makes!), they expect the same level of personalization in their interactions with employers. They want to know why they should put their precious time and energy into an organization. It’s not only about the job, but the experience and lifestyle that comes with it.

This is a huge departure for many companies recruiting today! It changes the paradigm of how companies conduct every interaction with candidates, from the way organizations market their brand and culture to the way companies create a relevant, targeted candidate experience. It starts with consistently focusing brand messaging on the candidates’ interests and answering “why your organization” in every interaction. It’s time to get inside the candidate’s head!

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