How Nestlé Purina Developed a Nurture Strategy to Convert Leads into Applicants

“We generated 837 applicants from one talent network newsletter send.”

Nestlé Purina is a company that has always been fundamentally strategic about its talent experience, constantly looking for new ways to measure, optimize and lead the competition. By 2014, Purina had been actively executing recruitment marketing initiatives and working with vendors, but the forward-thinking team wanted a more holistic technology solution to accelerate their vision. Case in point: Nestlé Purina’s team was operating out of the ATS (Taleo), as well as using spreadsheets and Outlook to track candidate leads and touchpoints.

With a streamlined candidate experience featuring a 2.5 minute application process, Nestlé Purina was generating an average of 7,000 candidates a month. Plus, working with a large agency at the time, the company was capturing more candidate leads in a talent network—an amazing opportunity to start building relationships with interested talent through nurture.

But without the right technology or a formal candidate nurture strategy in place, the roughly 60,000 leads (and potential hires!), shared by all of Nestlé’s operating companies, were sitting in a database untouched—a huge missed opportunity.

The talent acquisition dream team—the Nestlé Purina Talent Sourcing team—set out on a mission to bring their technology up to speed with their bold recruitment marketing vision and brand.

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