CDW: Effectively Engaging Prospective Candidates

CDW is a leading provider of integrated IT solutions for business, government, education, and healthcare organizations. To meet its goal of significantly expanding its service capabilities, CDW required an enormous pool of highly skilled talent. In the past, however, its talent acquisition model was transactional, with recruiters filling jobs only as new requisitions opened, rather than proactively identifying pipelines of potential candidates.

This case study covers every stage of CDW’s switch from siloed non-solutions to a 360-degree recruitment marketing strategy. Learn how they overcame some of the most pressing dilemmas recruiters face today including:

  • Needing to transition from reactive recruiting model to a proactive one
  • Limited ATS capabilities – no way to get a comprehensive overview of candidate activity across all channels.
  • Lacking an organized, automated CRM solution to automatically collect candidate data.
  • No system in place to track recruiter-candidate interactions, leading to repetition and a poor candidate experience.
  • Lack of qualified talent; no pipelines of potential candidates to draw on, meaning starting from scratch for every requisition.
  • Unsure how to increase awareness of the organization as an employer, delivering a dynamic, personalized candidate experience, effectively driving conversion through the recruitment funnel.

CDW unleashed the power of recruitment marketing to build a strong talent network, personalize the candidate experience, increase their offer acceptance rate, and so much more – and so can you. This case study, complete with implementation procedure, leading best practices, and detailed solutions to the challenges faced along the way, is a must-read for any talent acquisition professional excited to dive into the future of recruitment.

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