Recruitment Marketing: Converting Candidates, Winning Talent

A report from the Aberdeen Group

In an age when candidates have more options than ever before, intelligent employers broaden their efforts beyond traditional sourcing, advertising, and recruiting. They use contemporary marketing methods and robust technologies to ensure that they can attract the attention of would-be applicants in order to convert more capable candidates.

Learn how best-in-class companies are 68% more likely than all others to involve the marketing department in employment branding, and are 2.1 times as likely to utilize recruitment marketing within the talent acquisition process. While other companies may use different social media channels to engage candidates, the top organizations are 32% more likely to leverage these channels and 30% more likely to invest in new technologies to make recruitment more engaging for their candidates.

Known as recruitment marketing, the practice offers a transformative, competitive advantage to HR departments. This report from the Aberdeen Group explores how to leverage recruitment marketing at your organization, transforming leads into ideal candidates and excellent new hires.

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