Master the art and science of fit

The most successful organizations build awareness and relationships with people earlier than their competition to hire the right fit faster.

SmashFly is the only Enterprise Recruitment Marketing Platform that helps you find, initiate and nurture those relationships so you both can better determine fit before hire to reduce costs, improve engagement and increase retention.

Using our platform, your strategy will be:

  • Market your “why” to attract people who fit
  • Lead with employer brand first, jobs second
  • Communicate across every recruiting channel
  • Connect employers and people through purpose
  • Nurture relationships with automated and personalized messaging
  • Build stronger pipelines of interested talent
  • Track the candidate journey from awareness to hire
  • Measure your best sources that generate quality hires
  • Gain real-time insight to make smarter decisions

SmashFly's Enterprise Recruitment Marketing Platform

Our Recruitment Marketing Platform empowers you to master the art and science of fit by marketing your employer brand and jobs through every recruiting channel, creating and nurturing relationships earlier so you’re ready to hire, and measuring every touchpoint in the candidate journey so you can better invest your resources.

  • Analytics & Metrics

    Make smarter decisions by tracking every channel in the candidate journey all in one dashboard.

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  • CRM

    Build better relationships with your database, then nurture and convert them into right-fit applicants.

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  • Career Sites

    Create a personalized career site that converts visitors into leads and job seekers into applicants.

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  • Job Marketing

    Optimize your job marketing spend by understanding which boards and ads drive quality hires.

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  • Mobile Recruiting

    Create a seamless candidate experience across mobile devices and capture interest with a talent network.

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  • Employee Referrals

    Increase quality referrals by expanding your network and tracking the effectiveness of your sources.

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  • Events and Campus Recruiting

    Staff, manage and measure recruiting events easily with automated communication and lead nurture.

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  • Talent Network

    Build stronger talent pipelines that only you can source from to proactively hire ahead of the curve.

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  • Web Sourcing

    Source from anywhere to create richer candidate profiles and find the right candidates faster.

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  • SEO

    Help candidates find your brand and jobs with search-optimized landing pages and job descriptions.

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  • Email Marketing

    Send the right message at the right time with personalized email campaigns.

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  • Social Recruiting

    Engage talent through social channels and track social’s influence in the candidate journey.

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  • Automation

    Continuously market your brand and jobs and nurture leads with automated workflows.

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Strengths of One Platform

The only way to master the art and science of attracting and hiring people who fit is
to manage and measure your entire talent acquisition strategy from one platform.


Unparalleled Insight

Our platform gives you visibility into every recruitment marketing campaign and tactic in one dashboard, so you can make smarter decisions based on the sources that produce your highest quality leads, applicants and hires.

Personalized Nurture

With our platform, you can create personalized candidate experiences with targeted content and use automation to nurture leads into right-fit applicants over time.

Maximum Efficiency

By replacing your disconnected tools with our complete platform, you’ll increase user adoption, automate daily tasks and communication, and streamline reporting from one solution.

Readiness For Change

Use our platform to solve your most pressing talent acquisition challenges today, then grow with us as your business objectives change, so you’re always prepared.

Just a few results

  • 24%Increase in filling jobs
  • $750,000Job Ad Savings
  • 48%Decrease in Cost to Hire

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