Thom Kenney
CEO, SmashFly

KEYNOTE: Motivating Change, One Outcome At A Time

Torin Ellis
Diversity Strategist & Risk Mitigator

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Erik Qualman
Motivational Speaker & Bestselling Author

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Leon Logothetis
Creator of Netflix Series 'The Kindness Diaries'

KEYNOTE: The Kindness Diaries: One Man’s Epic Journey Fueled Only by Kindness

Chad Sowash & Joel Cheesman
Co-hosts, Chad & Cheese Podcast

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Mike Volpe & Emma Brudner
CEO & Director of People Operations, Lola

How to Run People Operations Like a CEO

Adam Glassman
Sr. Manager, Employment Brand, Cox Enterprises

The Employer Brand Infinity Loop: How Employee Experience Fuels Candidate Experience & Vice Versa

Alykhan Rehmatullah
Co-Founder & CEO, Altru

Scaling Storytelling Through User-Generated Video

Saman Haqqi & Wendy Brock
Global Leader, Employer Branding & Global Digital Experience Leader, IBM

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James Ellis
Director, Employer Branding, Universum

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Josh Gampel
CEO, Recruitics

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Shondee Coker
Talent Strategist, Sprint

The Lay of the Landing Page Land: How Sprint Delights & Converts Interest

Dena Upton
VP, People, Drift

One Brand: How Drift Blends Corporate and Employment Brand to Fuel Hypergrowth

Holland McCue
Head of Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing, Delta Air Lines

Making Recruiter Enablement a Thing: Strategies to Help Your Team Recruit Creatively & Efficiently

Allyn Bailey & Tyler Weeks
Talent Acquisition Transformation Manager & Analytics and Automation Manager, Intel Corporation

Transforming Enterprise Talent Acquisition with Roots and Wings

Morgana Carter
Intelligence and People Analytics Manager, Intel Corporation

Data Science + Recruiting: Tips to Extract Real Learning from All Your Machines

Leo Labra
Recruitment Marketing and Talent Attraction Specialist, Southern California Edison

Powered by Recruitment Marketing: SCE’s Journey to Become a Next Gen Energy Brand

Elena Sigacheva
Director of Product, Entelo

Modernize Your D&I Strategy: Using Automation to Create a More Equal Workplace