Transformation is More Than Technology

We’re not into simply selling technology. We’re about ensuring our customers adopt it. So we help teams transform their vision and skills, too. Why? Because your candidates will notice.


SmashFly Activate is a tiered package of recruitment marketing services designed to accelerate your recruitment marketing success without taxing your limited resources.

How Can Activate Help?


  • Create annual recruitment marketing strategies
  • Develop candidate personas and candidate journey maps
  • Plan and execute newsletters, trigger campaigns, drip campaigns and job emails
  • Rewrite job ad templates and support distribution strategy
  • Build and optimize targeted campaigns and landing pages
  • Curate content for email and social campaigns
  • Measure and test strategies and campaigns

I give SmashFly kudos in recognizing the need to drive adoption and getting the right people involved to help their customers succeed.

Julia Levy, Director Talent Acquisition

Why Activate?


Our goal isn't to replace your team. It's to help you bring your big, bold vision to life. With Activate, you'll have access to a team that can help you:

  • Execute your big ideas. Whether you’re leading the pack or just getting started, we provide air cover so you can tackle all the amazing things you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Become an expert. Research says it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in something. We’ll help you in much less. Become the go-to leader in workflow automation, branding, candidate personas, nurture and more.
SmashFly Activate is not just a subscription, but an extension of our talent acquisition team. They care about our brand, while helping us implement best and next practices in this space. We're finally moving the needle with our campaigns and loving our partnership.
— Current Activate Customer
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