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Recruitment Marketing Trends: Getting to the Inbound Candidate

Recruitment Marketing Trends: Getting to the Inbound Candidate

Organizations today are still misreading the talent market when trying to hire top candidates: As applicants look for great places to work, employers instead focus on filling their open jobs. Getting smart about top talent means strengthening the employer brand and intelligently promoting it.

To recruit top talent in today's talent acquisition landscape, companies have to shift from a job-led to a brand-led approach.

Full-cycle recruitment marketing is no longer a radical approach to hiring, it's a best-in-class practice that realigns the goals of the organization with the likelihood of hiring top talent. Today, full-cycle recruitment recruitment marketing consists of developing an employer brand, creating a promotional strategy to push that brand into the labor market, and tracking the performance of the brand over time and across channels.

Full-cycle recruitment marketing is proving to create an emotional connection to the workplace that makes candidates want to work for you before they even know if they qualify for your job openings.

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