SmashFly Recruiting Event Solutions

Create an Experience People Remember

Recruiting events can be a pivotal recruiting touchpoint that influences candidates for life. With SmashFly, you can deliver an experience that simplifies the jobs of on-site staff and leaves candidates wanting more.

Having SmashFly Events made our event appearance and behind-the-scenes operations so much stronger than last year. We could not have done it without SmashFly’s amazing partnership and support.

Talent Acquisition Leader, Fortune 100 Communications Firm
After using SmashFly Events to generate 326 new candidates on the first day of Grace Hopper Celebration

Mobile Capture & Resume Upload


The days of collecting stacks of resumes and manually processing them are over. With SmashFly’s mobile-optimized talent network forms, your team can easily capture contact information on the spot and auto-import it into your recruiting CRM.

Staffing and Resource Tracking


By tracking all aspects of a recruitment event, SmashFly makes it easy for recruiting teams to manage promotion, communication, logistics, staff, registrations, on-site responsibilities, and candidate follow-up in one place. This connected approach provides critical visibility and makes managing hundreds of events as seamless as managing one.