SmashFly Career Sites


Few people start their career search on a career site. SmashFly’s software creates brand-driven journeys that always lead back to your site – then tailors the site experience to wow and convert talent.
SmashFly was one of the biggest decisions we made when we had to replace our career site. We also had to be able to report out, learn where our jobs needed to go, where our applicants were coming from, and prove return.
— Sheri Ratliff, Director of Talent Acquisition, Sprint

Jobs & Content Personalization


There isn't just one candidate experience. Design a career site with unique paths for target talent personas – from content to landing pages to real-time engagement to jobs – so they quickly learn how they fit into your organization.

Plus, SmashFly's personalization widget combines LinkedIn and behavioral data to create a richer profile of a candidate’s job interests for better job matching and conversion.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builders


You control your brand – we just help fuel it. With SmashFly's marketing-grade, drag-and-drop content management system, it's easy for anyone on your team to create pages, edit content, add multi-lingual translation, and make updates in real-time — at no extra cost or external resources.

SmashFly + Google


Google is essentially the first page of your career site. SmashFly Career Sites integrate with Google for Jobs to optimize every page for search — ensuring talent finds their way to you instead of third-party sites you can't control.

We've also partnered with Google to bring its powerful AI-based search algorithm to career site search — making it simpler than ever to deliver the most relevant jobs to each visitor. And if candidates want to search by zip code radius or commute time, our handy maps widget will help them find the jobs closest to them.


Converse in real-time

Your recruiters simply can’t talk to every candidate. Our AI assistant prompts career site visitors to engage in real-time, answering relevant questions and capturing key information – which automatically funnels into our CRM.

Capture applicant drop-off

At least 90% of candidates drop off your application process, which means you’ll never know who they are. SmashFly changes that – capturing talent leads, not just applicants, at different touchpoints on your career site to maximize conversion.

Ready to take a look?

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