SmashFly AI

Raise Your Hand If You Need an Assistant

Through assistive intelligence and intelligent automation, SmashFly augments your team and frees up their time so they can do what you hired them for: Recruiting the people who will make your company amazing.

Say Hello to the Future

To us, AI should be assistive, not artificial. What's the difference? We'd like to introduce you to Emerson — the first AI recruiting assistant that's fully integrated into a CRM to make your candidates' (and recruiters') lives better.

Our team was asking the same 15 screening questions across 50-60 people a day and getting bombarded with questions around where candidates could find information. It was numbing. We thought: ‘Why not automate this?’ The recruiting assistant is our compass, navigating people to quick answers and information.

Chris Deal, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition & Contingent Workforce Planning

Emerson is Ready For Onboarding


Emerson prompts talent to engage and ask questions in real-time, alerting your recruiters to any high-priority talent so they can jump into the conversation live.


Emerson can learn over 2,000 data points about your company and brand, consistently getting smarter based on candidate questions and helping you learn more about what’s top-of-mind for talent.


Emerson screens interested candidates before they apply, allowing recruiters to fast-track priority talent and funnel key info into our CRM for future outreach.


Emerson is part of your team, handling all pre-screen scheduling, including reminders and follow-ups, so your recruiters and hiring managers get hours back in their week.


Emerson is your assistant. She can be Sam or Amelia or Sarah. She can be a he. Personalize your assistant to fit in with your employer brand and culture, from name to photo to responses.

Experience Emerson firsthand

Get a feel for why your potential candidates will love this AI-driven experience: text "Emerson" to 617-925-6797. For a deeper dive into how Emerson works with SmashFly's Smart CRM and Career Sites, set up a demo below.