SmashFly Recruitment Analytics

The Future is Data-Driven

The future of recruiting is analytical. What you need is a way to monitor every channel you have from one place, and see what’s working. That’s us.

At the end of the candidate journey, you can see ROI, and at the beginning of the candidate journey, you can see actual behaviors and actions that help us understand more about the candidate’s zero moment of truth.

Nestle Purina team

Can you predict what you need to meet new hiring initiatives?

Our predictive analytics software track candidate progression through the funnel to evaluate your talent pipeline health and better predict your hiring needs.

Can you analyze which job boards drive quality?

Leverage our recruitment metrics to set your strategy around where to post jobs (and where not to), plus negotiate contracts or rates with specific boards or vendors to maximize your budget.

Do you know which sources influence certain talent personas?

Use talent acquisition metrics to understand the full candidate journey instead of just the last source before applying — enabling you to improve every aspect of your candidate experience by persona.

Can you identify what your top performers are doing differently?

Evaluate how your team is using our technology, including which recruiters/sourcers have the best-performing strategies — helping you identify trends and replicate success across the team.


"We’ve been conducting this competition for 29 years. Our goal has always been to identify those that offer the most value to the HR community while demonstrating innovation. SmashFly Analytics’ benchmark data, combined with actionable insights from a holistic view of recruitment marketing performance, enables SmashFly’s clients to become more proactive and precise about where and how they invest their time."

Editor of HR Executive

What makes SmashFly Analytics unique?

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