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SmashFly Technologies Unveils New Recruitment Marketing Platform

Recruitment Marketing Technology leader unveils the next generation of sourcing technology

Boston, MA – SmashFly Technologies, the leader in recruitment marketing technology, today announced a major upgrade in their industry leading WildFire Recruitment Marketing Platform. The new Platform is an augmentation of the existing solution with several new significant capabilities. These enhancements make the WildFire Recruitment Marketing Platform the first technology product to integrate Recruitment Ad Distribution (RAD), Recruitment CRM (CRM), Career Marketing Sites (CMS) and Recruitment Marketing Metrics (RMM) into one centralized solution.

Here’s a description of the modules and new capabilities:

The Recruitment Ad Distribution (RAD) module enables companies to launch recruitment ad campaigns directly from their ATS to any global recruiting destination including job boards, social networks, keyword ad campaigns or niche sites. With the new RAD module, there have been several enhancements including recurrent postings to job boards &social media channels, and universal tracking features for non-traditional recruitment ads. In addition, SmashFly has increased significantly the number of integrated global recruiting destinations it provides. Finally, a new platform companion has been added for this module with SmashFly’s new Intellipost component.

Intellipost enables companies to post new jobs to appropriate recruiting destinations automatically without requiring users to take action. Administrators determine the rules for posting based on a variety of available criteria such as job category, location and experience. Once activated, a new job ad is distributed automatically to the appropriate recruiting destinations.

The Contact Relationship Management (CRM) module enables users to quickly and easily centralize existing contacts and continuously source new candidates into one centralized Talent Network. With the addition of several new sourcing methods, the ability to create custom fields & contact statuses and new bi-directional ATS integration, the CRM module has seen the most upgrades over the past year.

The most significant innovation within the CRM is the ability to build a contact database automatically through the recruitment ads that are distributed. With this approach, companies capture recruiting contacts alongside the applicants they already receive and intelligently market back to these prospective applicants with each relevant job ad subsequently posted to boost applicant flow.

The newest module addition to SmashFly’s WildFire offering is the Career Marketing Sites (CMS) module. This new module enables companies to implement both Mobile and/or Search Engine Optimized (SEO) based career sections for providing job seekers with more natural ways to discover a company’s jobs via their mobile device and search engines like Google or Bing. Unique to this solution is its ability for recruiters to create fully customizable & dynamic content and landing pages “on the fly” with simple publishing tools. This approach can unleash a new level in creativity of how companies can brand and market promotions for targeted recruiting initiatives such as campus recruiting or career fair recruiting events.

The Recruitment Marketing Metrics (RMM) module ensures accurate and consistent source tracking of all recruitment activity both inside the Platform and into the client’s ATS solution. The data captured measures every step of the recruitment funnel from views, apply clicks, CRM prospects and completed applicants and ties each action back to a specific recruiting destination.

With the new RMM module, there have been several enhancements that expand the reach and breadth of the metrics users can capture & analyze. For the first time through ATS integration, users can capture & display ATS data such as qualified candidates & hires and tie these statuses back to the recruiting destination.

Every module in the WildFire Recruitment Marketing Platform has been built organically and integrates with other modules to provide significant & unique capabilities for end users.

“When we thought about what a Recruitment Marketing Platform could be three years ago, we envisioned a centralized solution where recruiting organizations could manage and most importantly measure all of their sourcing activities. While we are continuing to innovate and build out our solution, with our new WildFire Platform we’ve finally realized the vision of a full service recruitment solution.” said Mike Hennessy, founder and CEO of SmashFly Technologies.