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SmashFly Technologies Announces New WildFire Scorecards

Recruitment Marketing Technology leader provides companies with benchmarked performance data for job boards.

Boston, MA – SmashFly Technologies, the leader in recruitment marketing technology, today announced the launch of WildFire Scorecards within their Recruitment Marketing Platform. The new capability arms recruiters with sourcing intelligence when they need it most, when they are selecting the destinations for their recruitment ads.

WildFire ScoreCards are an extension of the metrics already offered with the Platform that can be used to help to ensure accurate and consistent source tracking of all recruitment activity both inside the Platform and into the client’s ATS solution. The data captured measures key steps of the recruitment funnel from views, apply clicks, CRM prospects and completed applicants and ties each action back to a specific recruitment source.

With WildFire Scorecards, users are provided with the aggregate data for recruiting sources in the WildFire Platform. With this new capability, users are able to see important source effectiveness data directly in the Recruitment Ad Distribution (RAD) user interface enabling them to easily compare and contrast recruiting destinations and make better sourcing decisions. Each WildFire Scorecard reports the benchmarked performance of a job board’s performance across a portion of SmashFly customers, providing aggregate results for average views, apply clicks and applicants per job campaign with the associated corresponding click through rates.

WildFire Scorecards are free for all SmashFly customers leveraging the Recruitment Ad Distribution (RAD) module. Recruitment Source providers interested in obtaining direct access to their organization’s WildFire Scorecard can send inquiries to the Email Here link above. To see visualizations of the new WildFire Scorecards see our blog post about this new offering here.

“With our WildFire Scorecards, we’ve been able to tap into the wealth of data in our Platform and provide users with better intelligence to help make smarter sourcing decisions. We are excited to be able to offer this solution in our Platform and will continue to look for ways to increase the value of this collective data for our customers,” said Mike Hennessy, founder and CEO of SmashFly Technologies.