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SmashFly Technologies Announces New Intellipost Offering

Recruitment Marketing Technology leader helps companies intelligently automate their job postings

Boston, MA – SmashFly Technologies, the leader in recruitment marketing technology, today announced the launch of [LINK]Intellipost as a new offering within their Recruitment Marketing Platform. The new offering enables companies to intelligently automate their job postings to all their recruiting destinations for all future job campaigns.

Intellipost is a new offering included in the Platform’s [LINK]Recruitment Ad Distribution (RAD) module. The RAD module enables companies to launch recruitment ad campaigns directly from their ATS to any global recruiting destination including job boards, social networks, keyword ad campaigns or niche sites.

Intellipost completely changes the approach to how jobs are distributed to job boards. By helping companies automatically & intelligently post jobs to job boards companies are able to eliminate the manual labor & time associated with posting jobs. It enables recruiters to skip the headache of job board posting and focus on more proactive recruitment marketing activities, while still ensuring the company is consistently covered with where jobs need to be posted.

Companies utilizing Intellipost can post new jobs to appropriate job boards automatically without requiring users to take action. Administrators determine the rules for posting based on a variety of available criteria such as job category, location and experience. Once activated, a new job ad is distributed automatically to the appropriate job boards.

As with every job posting through the RAD module, companies also receive real-time [LINK]Recruitment Marketing Metrics (RMM) for every Intellipost job posting. This ensures accurate and consistent source tracking of all recruitment activity both inside the Platform and into the client’s ATS solution. The data captured measures every step of the recruitment funnel from views, apply clicks, CRM prospects and completed applicants and ties each action back to a specific recruiting destination.

“With Intellipost, we’ve built a solution that helps solve one of the biggest pain points for recruiting organizations today: posting jobs to job boards. We’re excited to help companies eliminate the manual labor and time associated with job posting and thus enable them to focus on what’s most important: finding the right qualified talent for their organization.” said Mike Hennessy, founder and CEO of SmashFly Technologies.