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SmashFly Technologies Announces Emerson: CRM-Integrated AI Recruiting Assistant Improves the Candidate and Recruiter Experience

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Emerson Engages Talent in Real-Time and Automatically Builds Pipeline So Recruiters Can Focus on What They Do Best

CONCORD, Mass., Aug. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SmashFly Technologies, the leader in enterprise recruitment marketing technology, today announced the launch of Emerson, the first AI-powered recruiting assistant fully integrated into a Smart CRM. Emerson lessens the administrative burdens on recruiters and talent acquisitions teams by automating key aspects of time-consuming and inefficient recruiting workflows. Emerson is also fully integrated with SmashFly’s industry-leading candidate relationship management (CRM) solution; the instantaneous integration means Emerson automatically creates a new contact record – and tracks every conversation – in a single system of record, creating engaged pipelines of talent for long-term engagement.

In these times of unprecedented demand and competition for qualified talent, overstretched recruiters have more pressure – and open requisitions – than ever before. At the other end are frustrated candidates; according to 2017 research conducted by Talent Board, nearly 52 percent of whom were still waiting to hear back from prospective employers 90 days after application. SmashFly launched Emerson to address this long-standing chasm between employers and job seekers, creating a VIP experience for candidates on the front-end through real-time conversations and job personalization, plus a seamless experience for recruiters on the back-end through priority screening, lead capture in the CRM and automatic interview scheduling.

Emerson guides and assists candidates across critical touchpoints in the recruiting process – from their initial visit to a company’s career site to scheduling (or re-scheduling) an interview. Emerson prompts them to engage and ask questions in real-time and, with every interaction, Emerson gains intelligence based on these questions that helps employers learn what’s top-of-mind for talent. Emerson also screens interested candidates at the point of conversation, fast-tracking priority talent to the application and initial interview, even alerting recruiters to take over the conversation in real-time. Candidates with the potential for future job openings are captured in SmashFly’s Smart CRM and segmented into talent pipelines for future marketing.

Addressing one of the most painful and convoluted parts of the recruiting workflow, Emerson automates all aspects of interview scheduling by synching calendars and sending meeting invites, reminders and follow-ups to create an easy, stress-free experience for candidates and giving recruiters and hiring managers hours back in their weeks.

“In today's world, our team asks the same 15 screener questions across 50-60 people a day … it's numbing,” said Chris Deal, senior manager, Talent Acquisition and Contingent Workforce Planning at Staples, a major supplier of work solutions to businesses of all sizes and consumers across North America. “All the while, we were getting bombarded with questions around where candidates can find X piece of information or this tidbit. We thought: ‘Why not automate this?’ This recruiting assistant is that compass, navigating people to quick answers and access to information.”

Thom Kenney, CEO of SmashFly, commented, “The recent onslaught of recruiting technology vendors claiming to have AI-powered solutions has left talent acquisition teams dazed and confused. Emerson is not a chatbot; he’s an assistant. It’s an important distinction, because Emerson is truly designed to operate in a way that delivers a very personal, human-like experience. The proof is in the engagement. More than 90% of people complete a conversation with him and most end the conversation by saying ‘thank you’ — which is something you’d never see from an ATS experience.”

He continued, “Integrating Emerson with SmashFly’s Smart CRM is a recruiting game-changer. Thousands of recruiters at some of the world’s biggest brands are using SmashFly every day to build pipeline, market their employer brand and deliver quality talent to hiring managers. With Emerson, our customers now have a new way to tell their story and create an experience their candidates — and recruiters — truly love.”

Emerson is available now. To experience a live demo of Emerson, text SmashFly to 617-925-6797.

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