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SmashFly Launches First-Ever Recruitment Marketing Certification Program; >2K Talent Acquisition Professionals Enrolled

SmashFly Offers the First Recruitment Marketing Certification Program to Help Talent Leaders Master the Art and Science of Finding, Attracting and Hiring the Right-Fit People for Their Organizations

CONCORD, Mass., October 2, 2017 ─ SmashFly Technologies, the leading Recruitment Marketing platform provider, today announced the new SmashFly Transform™ Academy Recruitment Marketing Certification, the industry’s first-ever education program designed for talent acquisition leaders in this quickly growing discipline. Graduates of the Transform Academy are certified in all aspects of Recruitment Marketing, including activating an employment brand, attracting, finding, and hiring the right-fit people, advanced candidate nurturing techniques and improving the candidate experience.

The SmashFly Transform Academy Recruitment Marketing Certification Program consists of nine virtual courses that cover a wide-range of Recruitment Marketing essentials such as bringing an employer brand to life, cultivating a brand persona, job marketing, using data to prove value, telling an employer’s brand story, Recruitment Marketing in the digital age and a master class focused on creating frameworks and planning.

Adrienne Sullivan, Global Employment Brand Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific, said, “The Recruitment Marketing discipline has played a transformative role in the creation of an employer brand that reflects Thermo Fisher’s performance objectives and drives attention, engagement and retention of talent. There’s always something new to learn, which is why we’re so excited about the new SmashFly Transform Academy Recruitment Marketing Certification. It’s an incredibly valuable resource that will help us stay on the cutting edge of how to find, attract, hire and retain the right fit employees for our organization.”

Madeline Laurano, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer of Aptitude Research Partners, said, “SmashFly’s Recruitment Marketing Certification Program couldn’t come at a better time. This educational opportunity is a wonderful thing for the market and something that will benefit any organization, of any size, in any industry. Recruitment Marketing education and development has always been lacking, but with SmashFly’s Certification Program, talent acquisition will become even more strategic.”

Tracey Parsons, Vice President, Recruitment Marketing Center of Excellence, SmashFly Technologies, said, “SmashFly sees a world where when people and organizations connect through an aligned purpose, they’re able to fuel endless potential ─ and talent leaders have the marketing, branding and content chops to wow the people they want to hire. We created the Transform Recruitment Marketing Certification as a vehicle to help them reach this goal while leveraging it as an incubator for fresh ideas and strategic decisions that will transform their career, organization and our industry.”

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