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SmashFly Enables Enterprises to Maximize the Impact of Recruiting Events to Find More Quality Hires Today and Build a Pipeline of Talent for Tomorrow

With the Addition of SmashFly Events, SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform Becomes the First to Unite the Management and Measurement of an Enterprise’s Complete Recruiting Strategy Across Corporate, Referrals, Executive, Hourly, Campus, Diversity and Military On a Single Platform

CONCORD, Mass. – September 28, 2016 – SmashFly® Technologies, the leading Recruitment Marketing Platform provider, today announced SmashFly Events, the latest addition to its award-winning Total Recruitment Marketing Platform. SmashFly Events is a customizable, SaaS-based recruiting event management solution that makes it easy for enterprise recruiters to efficiently capture, manage, communicate and nurture relationships with candidates and volunteers before, during and after hiring events. As a result, recruiting teams can maximize the ROI of events to find more quality hires today while building a pipeline of talent for the future.

Today’s candidates could hold as many as 15 jobs throughout their lifetime. Therefore, building relationships with candidates at the beginning of their career is vital to keeping an enterprise’s employer brand top of mind. Recruiting events are a powerful first touchpoint with job seekers because they provide a valuable opportunity for candidates to connect in-person with employee advocates to develop a lasting impression of an employer’s value proposition. A lead from a recruiting event can turn into a new hire tomorrow, or be nurtured for years later until the timing is right for the candidate and the organization.

However, many talent acquisition teams don’t have an easy way to manage recruiting events or communicate with and market to event contacts afterwards. Recruiting teams often struggle with using siloed tools or even spreadsheets to manage event logistics and leads, making it nearly impossible to measure the effectiveness of their efforts or tie event results back to their overall recruiting strategy.

With the addition of SmashFly Events, SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform becomes the industry’s first and only solution to unify management and measurement of an enterprise’s complete recruiting strategy across all hiring initiatives, including corporate, professional, referrals, executive, hourly, campus, diversity and military recruiting. The platform enables talent acquisition teams to find, attract, engage, nurture and convert leads into applicants to make great hires faster, all from a single platform that unites recruiting teams, strategies, leads and data. Click here to request a SmashFly Events demo.

SmashFly Events’ Features and Benefits: 

  • Manage Every Event Seamlessly: SmashFly Events makes it easy for recruiting teams to manage promotions, logistics, staff, registrations, tasks and follow-up, so that managing hundreds of events is just as seamless as managing one.
  • Capture Leads On the Spot: Recruiting teams no longer need to collect stacks of resumes and manually enter candidate data into spreadsheets. They can now create an engaging candidate experience at recruiting events with mobile-optimized and employer-branded talent network forms that capture contact information on the spot.
  • Drive Awareness to More Candidates: SmashFly Events helps generate more awareness and registrations by marketing recruiting events to job boards and professional networking sites, and to an organization’s career site, social media and talent network.
  • Engage Candidates and Event Staff: Recruiters can efficiently manage communication with not only candidates but also event staff. The platform uses targeted, personalized campaigns to recruit the right candidates and the right volunteers to make every event successful.
  • Work Smarter with Automation: Through powerful automation features, SmashFly Events acts like a personal assistant that helps recruiting teams work smarter and faster. It automates the registration and waitlist process and ensures reminders and follow-ups are sent at the right time, enabling recruiters to focus on big-picture results.
  • Measure the Success of Events Holistically: For many organizations, recruiting events are siloed so it can be difficult to understand how event investment drives ROI compared to other recruiting initiatives such as job board advertising or a career site. With SmashFly Events, customers can manage and measure events along with all other recruiting campaigns from a single recruitment marketing platform that provides an accurate, real-time view of how each event drives leads, applicants and hires.

Mike Hennessy, Founder and CEO of SmashFly, said, “Enterprises invest a great deal of time, money and resources into recruiting events in order to reach highly sought-after campus, military and diversity talent. Relying on point tools and spreadsheets to market and manage these events is a huge burden for the recruiting team and event volunteers, and valuable data becomes siloed from the rest of the talent acquisition strategy. We’re excited to add SmashFly Events to our Total Recruitment Marketing Platform as it unites an enterprise’s disparate recruiting teams and provides a single platform from which they can execute and measure every pre-applicant recruiting initiative and touchpoint with candidates. We created SmashFly Events to help enterprises attract and hire more quality candidates today, and to build a network of life-long talent for the future.”

Speaking of Events…

  • Visit SmashFly at HR Technology Conference & Expo October 4-7, 2016 in Chicago to learn about SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform. Stop by booth #1240 to see how SmashFly helps companies hire 7X faster.
  • Click here to sign up for information about SmashFly’s first recruitment marketing conference, SmashFly Transform™, to be held November 2-4, 2016 in Boston.

About SmashFly Technologies
SmashFly’s award-winning Total Recruitment Marketing Platform enables talent acquisition teams to find, attract, engage, nurture and convert candidates into qualified applicants using a centralized management system that automates and measures recruiting strategies and programs. Customers use SmashFly to unite their previously disconnected recruiting tools into an integrated software platform for Job Marketing, Web Sourcing, Candidate Relationship Management (CRM), Talent Networks, mobile-responsive and SEO-optimized Career Sites, Employee Referrals, Event Management, Social Recruiting and Recruiting Analytics. Used to target pre-applicants in the front-end of the talent acquisition process, SmashFly integrates with any applicant tracking system (ATS) to provide unparalleled, real-time analytics on the sources that produce the best hires for the organization. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter @SmashFly.

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