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SmashFly Analytics Named a Top HR Product of 2017 by Human Resource Executive®

Recognized by Editors as a Beautiful, Easy to Use Platform That Delivers Unprecedented Insights into Recruiting Activities, Candidate Experiences and Hiring Effectiveness

Las Vegas, Oct. 10, 2017 — LAS VEGAS, October 10, 2017 ─ SmashFly Technologies, the leading Recruitment Marketing platform provider, today proudly announced that Human Resource Executive® has named SmashFly Analytics a “Top HR Product of 2017.” Each Fall, its editors choose the HR and training technology products they believe represent the very best of what vendors introduced to the market over the last 12 months. Judges evaluate each product based on innovation, the value it adds to the HR function, whether its intuitive for the user and if it delivers what it promises.

SmashFly Platform Overview

The SmashFly Enterprise Recruitment Marketing Platform enables companies to hire candidates who best fit with the organization’s needs, culture and values by providing technology to market its unique employer brand in the right channels, nurture targeted pipelines through intelligent automation and optimize strategic investments in real-time. SmashFly Analytics is a unique solution that captures and analyzes data across every channel candidates engage — including job boards, career sites, recruiting events, social media and more.

SmashFly Analytics is built on three key pillars:

  • Everything is measured, ensuring there are no gaps in visibility and resources are spent only in areas that drive real results.
  • Everything is connected, creating a simple, seamless experience for recruiters and candidates.
  • Everything is consistent, giving teams the confidence to act on reliable insight and actionable intelligence.

As described in the article highlighting the 2017 Top Product honorees, “SmashFly Analytics is a beautiful, easy-to-use platform that delivers uniquely valuable insights. From its intuitive visualizations − which make this a product recruiters and others in HR are going to actually use ─ to the array of quality data sources, the solution represents a logical evolution in recruitment marketing. It’s particularly appealing because it captures applicant and candidate data over time and contextualizes it with job marketing data − e.g., cost of job posting vs. number of applicants vs. candidate quality. This allows for unprecedented insights into recruiting activities, candidate experiences and hiring effectiveness. In the end, SmashFly Analytics should save time, money and effort, and elevate one’s confidence that recruiting and selection processes are, in fact, attracting and delivering the right people at the right time and at the right cost.”

A talent acquisition operations leader for a top 50 Fortune 500 U.S.-based financial institution said, “SmashFly Analytics is intuitive and delivers what it promises. It’s helping me and my recruiters and systems become smarter over time − it’s truly amazing what we can do with the data that we have. If you are measuring value in money it can save you millions. If you are measuring time and or candidate experience, it can save you even more.”

David Shadovitz, Editor of Human Resource Executive, said, “We’ve been evaluating HR products and services and conducting this competition for 29 years. Our goal has always been to identify those that clearly offer the most value to the HR community while demonstrating innovation. SmashFly Analytics’ benchmark data, combined with actionable insights from a holistic view of recruitment marketing performance, enables SmashFly’s clients to become more proactive and precise about where and how they invest their time. As a result, they’re able to grow their audience of engaged candidates and deliver campaigns that connect the right people to the right opportunities.”

Mary Grace Hennessy, Chief Product Officer, SmashFly Technologies, said, “It’s an honor to be recognized by Human Resource Executive. SmashFly Analytics was created in response to the direction that our most forward-looking clients are pushing Recruitment Marketing. By providing unified tracking of their interactions, visualization tools and benchmark data, they can now see and understand how they are interacting with people that will drive the future success of their organizations.”

About SmashFly Technologies

SmashFly’s Enterprise Recruitment Marketing Platform helps companies hire people who fit by delivering everything talent acquisition teams need to market their employer brand across all channels, develop and nurture targeted pipelines through intelligent automation and generate rich behavioral insight to optimize experiences and investments in real-time. To learn more about how SmashFly can help your business, visit and follow us on Twitter @SmashFly.

Media Contact: Hadley Weinzierl, Senior Director, Communications, SmashFly Technologies