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Recruiting just got easier — a lot easier — with SmashFly’s latest Wildfire™ release

Recruitment Marketing Technology Leader improves user interface, adds functionality to its Wildfire™ Recruitment Marketing Platform

Boston, MA – With a freshly updated and user-friendly design and a host of other new features in its Wildfire™ Recruitment Marketing Platform, SmashFly Technologies has once again set the standard for others to follow.

New colors and a new skin are just the beginning of a sleek, clean interface that’s not only easier on the eyes but easier to navigate. Wildfire’s™ new menu enhances navigation and ease of use by consolidating actions into more meaningful categories with more specific vertical categories to each action.

A new search function with auto-suggest makes it easy to quickly locate and navigate to a specific job, contact, or record. And an embedded streaming help function and direct access to the new SmashFly Community offer support and advice to use Wildfire™ to its fullest. Benefiting from being a true SaaS platform, the new release was launched for all clients on June 24, 2012, with no downtime or customer involvement required for the transition.

“We’re very proud of what we feel are some incredible enhancements to dramatically improve the overall user experience,” says Michael Hennessy, CEO and Founder of SmashFly Technologies. “With the new UI, improved searching capabilities, and other new or improved features, our u