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New Smashfly Research Finds 34% of the Fortune 500 Use Modern Recruitment Marketing to Win Top Talent

Leading Companies Turn to Recruitment Marketing Practices and Technology to Gain a Competitive Edge in Today’s Candidate-led Job Market

CONCORD, Mass. – January 18, 2017 – With the December jobs report showing unemployment at 4.7 percent, the lowest levels since 2007, U.S. employers are entering the New Year facing a fiercely competitive job market in which skilled talent is in high demand but in short supply. It’s a business problem not only confronting HR executives and hiring managers, but the C-suite as well, particularly among the Fortune 500. That’s because they know a startling fact: Half of the Fortune 500 have disappeared since 2000. If business leaders can’t hire the right people to innovate quickly in this rapidly changing world, their companies will disappear too.

To gain a competitive advantage in today’s candidate-led job market, leading companies are investing in a cutting-edge recruiting strategy: Recruitment Marketing. In a new research report, SmashFly Technologies found that 34% of the Fortune 500 are using Recruitment Marketing practices and technology to attract and hire top talent ahead of their competition to ensure business growth.

The second annual SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Report Card analyzes the career websites, social channels, lead generation and talent nurture efforts of the 2016 Fortune 500 to understand their adoption of Recruitment Marketing practices and technology. Recruitment Marketing leverages the latest digital marketing tactics such as search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media and mobile friendly web experiences to find, attract, engage and nurture candidates to become new hires. Technology such as a Recruitment Marketing Platform enables talent acquisition teams to automate, manage and measure the success of all recruiting tactics, strategies and programs from one centralized system.

According to the report, 172 companies (34%) of the Fortune 500 scored an A or B, qualifying them as “Modern Recruitment Marketers” for using these practices in their recruiting strategy. With 27% more companies scoring As and Bs and 32% fewer companies scoring Ds and Fs, the 2016 Fortune 500 have improved significantly in adopting Recruitment Marketing in just one year.

In addition, the use of Recruitment Marketing technology is enabling companies to become better recruitment marketers. SmashFly found that 76% of companies with A and B grades are using Recruitment Marketing Platforms and other technology in addition to their Applicant Tracking System (ATS), compared to 42% last year. This represents an 80% growth in the adoption of Recruitment Marketing technology in just one year.

SmashFly’s findings show that companies leveraging Recruitment Marketing are not only winning top talent amid heavy competition, they are attracting the right employees who fit with the organization’s mission, culture and values. Among the 2016 Fortune 500, 22 companies scored an A, with Intel Corporation earning the top spot:

Mike Hennessy, Founder and CEO of SmashFly, said, “The nation’s largest organizations are getting more sophisticated ─ and becoming more successful ─ by integrating digital marketing, content marketing, mobile and social into their recruiting strategies. Recruitment Marketing is a rapidly emerging discipline that gives companies an edge in proactively attracting candidates with their employer brand, not just their jobs. The companies that leverage modern Recruitment Marketing best will gain a competitive advantage in hiring, and thus their long-term strategies for growth.”

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To learn more, download the SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Report Card for the 2016 Fortune 500. Or, listen to a webinar in which SmashFly’s Recruitment Marketing experts review the report’s key findings and share important benchmarks for a modern Recruitment Marketing practice.

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