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New Lighthouse Research & Advisory Survey: Majority of Employers Report That Talent Attraction and Engagement Are Now More Important Than Candidate Sourcing

Analyst Also Discusses the Value of the Data-Driven Recruitment Marketing Platform

CONCORD, Mass., July 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — With the unemployment rate around the lowest it’s been in eight years, today’s hiring climate is candidate-driven, therefore, companies big and small are all vying for the same limited resource: quality candidates. However, a bigger challenge is something with which most recruiters haven’t had much experience: talent attraction. In a new report titled, “The Recruitment Marketing Platform: A Hub for Talent Discovery, Attraction & Engagement,” human capital management research firm Lighthouse Research & Advisory found that talent attraction and engagement have evolved into the most critically important capabilities in a modern talent acquisition function. The report also discusses the benefits of having an effective data-driven recruitment marketing platform that can provide talent acquisition leaders with the metrics most important to their recruiting strategy and overall business success.

According to Lighthouse’s “Modern Measures of Success in Talent Acquisition” survey of 498 U.S.-based employers:

  • 74% and 71% rated talent engagement and talent attraction, respectively, as very or critically important – compared to 48% that said the same for candidate search and sourcing (i.e. talent discovery).
  • Most recruiting teams aren’t measuring talent attraction and engagement metrics, metrics such as campaign click-through rates and conversion rates. 31% of companies surveyed aren’t tracking campaign click-through rates, and 41% aren’t tracking conversion rates. According to Lighthouse, “Attaining good, trustworthy analytics and insight is a key reason why organizations are consolidating multiple point products and moving to a comprehensive recruitment marketing platform.”
  • 51% of the companies surveyed still manually gather/report/analyst performance data, and 37% track/report within individual systems, tools, and/or service providers. Without a recruitment marketing platform in place, these companies don’t have the insight needed to continuously optimize their talent acquisition efforts.

“As best practices continue to mature, more companies are realizing the importance of having the right recruitment marketing software platform in place to support the myriad of campaigns and initiatives that encompass an omni-channel marketing engine,” wrote Lighthouse’s Founder & Principal Analyst Kyle Lagunas. “Keeping these efforts streamlined and consistent while ensuring outcomes are trackable and measureable requires a dedicated system. As such, the recruitment marketing platform and all of its moving parts has emerged as one of the core systems in modern talent acquisition.”

Mike Hennessy, Founder and CEO of SmashFly Technologies, the leading Recruitment Marketing Platform provider, said, “Lighthouse’s new research shows that today it’s more important to be effective at attracting candidates to you, rather than you hunting for them. Talent acquisition leaders are seeing the importance of investing in a modern recruitment marketing strategy that attracts, engages, and nurtures candidates over time to generate more leads, build better pipelines and make better hires.”

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