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HiringSolved Integrates With Smashfly Recruitment Marketing Software to Help Enterprise Recruiters More Efficiently Source, Manage and Nurture Prospective Candidates

CHANDLER, Ariz. — April 12, 2017—HiringSolved, a technology company that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to solve problems for talent acquisition practitioners, today announced a new software integration partnership with SmashFly Technologies, the leading Recruitment Marketing platform provider. HiringSolved’s TalentFeed+ Recruiting Automation Platform has been integrated with SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform to help enterprise recruiters increase efficiency by using AI to automatically bring qualified contacts into targeted talent pipelines who can then be nurtured for current and future job opportunities.

HiringSolved’s TalentFeed+ platform combines recent technological advances in artificial intelligence, real-time web crawling, data mining, and machine learning ─ enabling both inbound and outbound candidates to be matched to jobs automatically in seconds. SmashFly’s award-winning Total Recruitment Marketing Platform proactively markets an employer brand and jobs through every recruiting channel (including career sites, social and email) while building meaningful relationships with talent leads in the customer’s talent pipelines using marketing automation technology and modern marketing practices.

The combination of the two software platforms makes it easier and faster to source, manage and nurture prospective candidates − HiringSolved’s AI-based system automatically discovers, qualifies and matches candidates to jobs for subsequent personalized engagement via SmashFly’s automated candidate relationship management (CRM) capabilities.

Joint HiringSolved and SmashFly customers:

  • Can now easily refresh contact data in SmashFly and their ATS, which ensures they’re always working with the most up-to-date information. It also helps them work faster and smarter, and deliver more personalized communications to prospective candidates;
  • Focused on initiative hiring campaigns (such as military and diversity), the integration between SmashFly and HiringSolved makes it simple for recruiters to source, segment, pipeline, engage, and nurture candidates from one, easy-to-use interface;
  • With HiringSolved and SmashFly, customers are no longer in the dark regarding the impact of their sourcing and nurturing efforts. With the integration and SmashFly’s unique full-journey talent analytics, customers can see exactly how their sourcing activity measures up to any other campaign or channel.

“We’re excited to kick-off this partnership with SmashFly and join forces to provide our mutual customers with an unparalleled ability to find and engage candidates across the enterprise,” says Shon Burton, CEO of HiringSolved. “Smashfly’s recruitment marketing capabilities, combined with HiringSolved’s strengths in AI automation and social search will prove to be a big advantage to our customers.”

“SmashFly is the only Recruitment Marketing platform that has the scalability, reliability and security repeatedly proven in the enterprise market,” said Mike Hennessy, Founder & CEO, SmashFly Technologies. “Together with HiringSolved, our platforms are helping joint customers find the right person for any job faster and easier, the ability to build stronger talent pipelines and generate recruiting analytics across every source in the candidate journey so that they can make better decisions about budget, resources and strategies.”

About HiringSolved

HiringSolved makes it faster and easier to find the right person for any job. Our people aggregator gathers data from across the web and filters the most relevant information into a database of candidate profiles. With global coverage, all skill sets, the most advanced search capabilities on the market, and jaw-dropping speed, users are able to source the perfect candidate in seconds.

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