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Distinguishing Software Features and Services Showcase Smashfly’s Industry Leadership in Aptitude Research Partners’ Assessment of Recruitment Marketing Platforms

CONCORD, Mass., March 15, 2017 — SmashFly Technologies today announced that its distinguishing features and services showcase its industry leadership in enterprise-class Recruitment Marketing Platforms in the first-ever independent analyst report to assess vendors in the emerging software category. In Aptitude Research Partners’ 2017 Recruitment Marketing Index, SmashFly was named one of nine vendors to qualify for the report based on completeness of product capabilities, ability to serve the enterprise market and differentiators including applicant tracking system (ATS) integration and recruitment marketing services. Click here to download the full report.

A Recruitment Marketing Platform is software used by talent acquisition teams to attract and engage candidates in order to convert them into job applicants and new hires. To qualify for inclusion in the report, Aptitude required vendors to provide at least five of the following 10 required capabilities of a Recruitment Marketing Platform: Career Sites, Content Management, SEO, Talent Networks, Employer Branding, Event Management, Campaigns, Job Distribution, CRM and Analytics.

The analysis demonstrates SmashFly’s leadership and innovation when compared to others in the report because it is the only vendor to:

  • provide all 10 Recruitment Marketing Platform capabilities required by Aptitude, enabling customers to market their brand and jobs through any channel and track and analyze the entire candidate journey, from awareness to hire;
  • offer the security, reliability and scalability to serve the needs of the global enterprise market;
  • integrate with any ATS so that customers do not need to change their ATS to support recruitment marketing;
  • provide both strategic and campaign-based recruitment marketing services, ensuring successful adoption of the software; and
  • be listed in all three of the report’s buyer classifications for stand-alone Recruitment Marketing Platforms: The Change Agent, The Marketer and The Disruptor.

The report also highlights a case study in which a SmashFly customer transformed its recruiting strategy by attracting and engaging candidates before they applied for a job. In just one year, the customer achieved a 22% decrease in cost per application and a 152% increase in referrals. In three years, the customer built its own database of qualified talent reaching 260,000 contacts, resulting in more qualified applications for the 2,150 hires made, the majority of which were for traditionally hard-to-fill positions.

Key Findings Include:

  • Recruitment Marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of HR technology with nearly 70% of enterprises investing in these capabilities so they can leverage consumer marketing practices to recruit and engage talent.
  • By investing in a Recruitment Marketing Platform, organizations are seeing significant business impact: 2X more likely to have a positive candidate experience, 2X more likely to improve their Net Promoter scores and 3X more likely to have “quality of hire” above competitive benchmarks.
  • ATS satisfaction increases with a Recruitment Marketing Platform investment. Per Aptitude’s 2016 ATS Index Report, two out of five companies were unhappy or indifferent about their ATS because it was incapable of supporting all recruitment efforts, especially recruitment marketing.
  • A Recruitment Marketing Platform purchase becomes justified by replacing disparate technology providers and ineffective recruitment advertising services. By consolidating the spending and strategy that goes into attracting talent into a single platform, Aptitude reports that many organizations reduce overall recruiting costs.

Madeline Laurano, Co-Founder & Chief Research Officer of Aptitude Research Partners

“SmashFly has a deep understanding of the pain points that enterprises face when recruiting talent. Through its unique combination of technology and services, SmashFly successfully partners with companies to improve the way they connect and engage with talent. Also, SmashFly’s open API allows for the integration with all major ATS’, job boards and third-party tools, and it has demonstrated that it can scale to meet the complex needs of global and matrixed Fortune 500 organizations. These factors are positive differentiators for companies considering making an investment in a Recruitment Marketing Platform.”

Mike Hennessy, Founder and CEO of SmashFly

“As the pioneer of Recruitment Marketing Platforms, we’re thrilled to see Aptitude Research Partners’ evaluation of this increasingly important product category in HR technology. The report demonstrates why SmashFly is the industry leader − we’re the only company to provide an ATS-agnostic Recruitment Marketing Platform that has the scalability, reliability and security repeatedly proven in the enterprise market. With SmashFly, you receive not only the most robust and complete Recruitment Marketing Platform software, but also the strategic partner to help you consistently and predictably achieve business results.”

About SmashFly Technologies

SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform and Services proactively markets an employer brand and jobs through every recruiting channel using marketing automation technology and modern marketing practices. It empowers companies to attract the right people to their organization using the art and science of fit, enabling companies to generate leads and nurture relationships to hire faster and more cost-effectively. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter @SmashFly.

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