A Vision for Transformation

SmashFly: Fundamentally change how companies connect with the talent that drives their business forward.

The story of SmashFly starts in the home of Mike Hennessy, SmashFly's founder, in 2007. (Really, that was our office for the first four years!)

It started with a vision for a better way to recruit, fueled by people with passion. The technology came second. Then the name. Without any one of those, we wouldn’t be SmashFly.

The Vision

In 2007, Mike Hennessy envisioned a bold new path for talent acquisition.

He believed that organizations should proactively engage with the people they want to hire before they need to hire them. His thinking (after his decade-long role as chief architect at BrassRing) was that by adopting best practices in marketing and branding, organizations could attract the right people who fit their organization and build a pipeline of interested talent only they could source from. This strategy would enable organizations to win candidates over the competition, reduce the time and cost to hire, and create a workforce of the right-fit people that fuel their business to succeed and thrive.

To achieve this would require talent acquisition to embrace new strategies, new skills and new software. So, Mike left BrassRing and founded SmashFly Technologies. And with it, the start of a journey to establish a new category of HR technology: the Recruitment Marketing Platform.

The People

Our team is wicked talented (as we say in Boston). We come from organizations like BrassRing, Taleo, Oracle, SuccessFactors, Jobs2Web, TMP and CareerBuilder, with 200+ years of combined experience in HR technology.

We’re united by a passion for what we do. We support each other to succeed. And we laugh a lot along the way. We live across the nation — from California to the New York island … literally. We grill in the summer, play office basketball in the winter and work in whatever space or chair makes us the most productive for our customers and team.

The Name

We get this question … a lot. If you ask our founder, he’ll tell you that he originally wanted his company name to represent “breaking through barriers.” But he also wanted to answer: What do you achieve by breaking barriers? Going against the status quo can be a big risk, especially in talent acquisition and HR, but it’s the only way to see maximum reward.

What ensued was a creative brainstorm (and insane amount of thesaurus-ing) that fueled words like “break,” “smash,” “crash,” and “soar,” “climb,” achieve” and “fly.” In the end, SmashFly was born.

Over the years, the name SmashFly has truly manifested itself in what we believe as a company: that when you smash through barriers and the status quo, your business can truly reach new heights.

Are you with us?

At a Glance:

  • Headquartered in Concord, Mass., with an office in Boston
  • Privately held, backed by OpenView Venture Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners
  • Nearly 100% employee growth in the last three years
  • More than 120% revenue growth in three years, with 25% of customers in the Fortune 500
  • 65 million email campaigns sent
  • More than 50 million leads generated for our customers' talent databases
  • Active candidates in 180 countries
  • Active users in 69 countries
  • 2017 Human Resources Executive "Best New HR Technology" award winner
  • 2016 Top Place to Work by the Boston Globe
  • 2016 Best Place to Work by the Boston Business Journal

Emails campaigns sent through SmashFly


Leads added to customer talent networks


Countries with active SmashFly users

Our Customers

Our customers are partners in transforming how organizations think about recruiting and retaining talent. They’re industry and business leaders. Pioneers. Boundary breakers. Marketers. Out-of-the-box thinkers. Risk takers. They push us to continue to deliver exceptional software and services that are ahead of the curve to ensure they can be ahead of the curve. We wouldn't be here without their commitment to our vision and a belief in our approach.

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