Maximize Campus, Military, and Diversity Hiring


  • You can’t centrally execute or measure your campus, military and diversity strategies.
  • You have no way to build relationships with candidates that attend your events.
  • You have a hard time finding the right employees to staff events.
  • You can’t measure the effectiveness of your campus, military or diversity strategy on hires.

The Solution:

SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform and Services enable you to maximize your initiative hiring strategies like campus, military and diversity and build targeted talent pipelines for these specific strategies.

Our platform centralizes, communicates and accurately measures your recruiting event strategies so you can more easily manage staff, generate and nurture quality leads and understand how your campaigns and events drive hires. Most importantly, we help you stay in touch with these leads, creating a database of interested leads that would be great fits for future opportunities.


Promote job opportunities to the right audience:
Generate broader awareness for every event and your open opportunities by promoting via targeted job sites, social media, email, SMS and your career site.

Create a meaningful event experience:
Eliminate the headache of event management, making is easy to manage your promotions, logistics, staff, registrations, tasks and follow-up so you can execute your strategy flawlessly.

Nurture your leads for future opportunities:
Create candidates for life by maintaining and nurturing relationships before and after they attend an event with valuable and relevant content and jobs based on their interests, actions and skills.

Gain insight for improved results:
Accurately measure how every event and campaign drives new leads, applicants and hires, as well as how specific events influence a candidate’s decision to apply.

Build a winning event strategy:  
Partner with our recruitment marketing services team to create targeted and branded email campaigns, talent network form templates and customizable event workflows as well as nurture track roadmaps for a more effective communication with skilled candidates.

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Grow With Us as a Strategic Partner

The labor market has changed. Your business objectives are reflecting that change. And most importantly, the people you need to hire are changing, too. You need a technology partner that is agile to get ahead of that change.

SmashFly’s technology and services are purpose-built for solving your interrelated challenges right now – and in the future, when those challenges become different challenges. That’s the power of a Recruitment Marketing Platform: one integrated solution that helps you lead with brand, nurture candidate relationships and track the entire candidate journey, from initial interest all the way to hire. When you’re ready to attack your next challenge, we will be too.