Personalize Your Candidate Experience


  • You aren’t getting enough traffic your career site.
  • Too many interested candidates drop off during your application process.
  • You can’t deliver personalized recommendations of jobs and content.
  • You have no way to connect with candidates that aren’t ready to apply.
  • Your candidate experience needs a serious revamp.


SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform and Services helps you deliver a consistently branded and personalized candidate experience throughout the entire candidate journey.

We help you learn more about the talent you’re attracting, then personalize your candidate experience in your omnichannel strategy through career site messaging, job recommendations and branded email campaigns. With an employer brand-led, targeted candidate experience, you increase the reach of your employer brand and better communicate your unique value to candidates, generating more qualified applicants faster.


Deliver a brand-first experience: Connect with and influence more candidates on your employer brand and value first, jobs second, through an omnichannel marketing approach.

Personalize every candidate touchpoint: Put the right message in front of the right candidates at the right time, from personalized job and content recommendations on the career site homepage and landing pages to valuable content delivered to their email inbox.

Increase employer brand awareness: Enable more candidates to find and choose you through SEO, keyword-rich landing pages, dynamic talent network forms in the apply flow and content-driven nurture tracks.

Gain insight for improved results: Track the performance of your career site and automated nurture campaigns as sources of influence in the candidate journey, as well as sources of hire.

Build a winning strategy: Partner with our recruitment marketing services team to create targeted and dynamic career site content, job descriptions and nurture messaging as well as candidate journey maps for a more effective candidate experience for your key candidate audiences.

Looking to be inspired? Our career site look book offers a glimpse at career site artistry, conversion points, and measurement baselines being employed in the market today.

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Grow With Us as a Strategic Partner

The labor market has changed. Your business objectives are reflecting that change. And most importantly, the people you need to hire are changing, too. You need a technology and strategy partner that is agile to get ahead of that change.

SmashFly’s technology and services are purpose-built for solving your interrelated challenges right now – and in the future, when those challenges become different challenges. That’s the power of a Recruitment Marketing Platform: one integrated solution that helps you lead with brand, nurture candidate relationships and track the entire candidate journey, from initial interest all the way to hire. When you’re ready to attack your next challenge, we will be too.