Source, Nurture and Hire Candidates on Purpose


  • You start every new job search from scratch.
  • It takes too long to hire for specific roles.
  • You don’t have a way to nurture talent you source.
  • You don’t have enough quality talent applying to your requisitions especially for hard to fill roles


SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform and Services helps your organization proactively develop and nurture meaningful relationships with the right people to consistently make hires that align with your purpose, mission and values. We enable right-time hiring.

With SmashFly, you can successfully build a robust talent network that provides a steady flow of interested, qualified applicants to your recruiting team. That means growing your own database of warm leads only you can source from to save time and money and fill roles faster with the right-fit people.


Improve sourcing efficiency: Focus on building relationships with contacts instead of manually sourcing and segmenting them into the right pipelines.

Capture leads with a talent network:
Build a robust, interested talent network to decrease your reliance on third parties and help you hire cheaper and faster.

Nurture interested candidates for better ROI:
Create candidates for life by maintaining and nurturing relationships before and after they apply with valuable and relevant content and jobs based on their interests, actions and skills.

Gain insight for improved results:
Understand the real-time health of your talent pipelines to increase the success and efficiency of your sourcers and team managers and produce better-fit hires.

Build a winning strategy:
Partner with our recruitment marketing services team to create candidate journey maps and robust email nurture tracks that drive engagement and hires.

CH2M uses SmashFly to build their worldwide talent network of over 300,000 leads.
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Grow With Us as a Strategic Partner

The labor market has changed. Your business objectives are reflecting that change. And most importantly, the people you need to hire are changing, too. You need a technology and strategy partner that is agile to get ahead of that change.

SmashFly’s technology and services are purpose-built for solving your interrelated challenges right now – and in the future, when those challenges become different challenges. That’s the power of a Recruitment Marketing Platform: one integrated solution that helps you lead with brand, nurture candidate relationships and track the entire candidate journey, from initial interest all the way to hire. When you’re ready to attack your next challenge, we will be too.

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