As recruiting continues to get more competitive for top talent, it's increasingly become about which company has the best relationship with the candidate not where you posted the job. Companies are building Talent Networks that help them capture and begin engagement with candidates prior to the application process to improve candidate quality and overall lead flow.

Want to see the impact a talent network calculator can have on your organization and hiring process? SmashFly's Talent Network Calculator is now available and will show you exactly how a talent network form can elevate your current processes.

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With SmashFly, you are able to consistently and proactively build a Talent Network of highly qualified and interested candidates through the efforts and investments you are already making while helping your recruiting team fill jobs faster and for less cost.


Consistently provide a way for candidates to opt-in to your employer brand that’s outside of the ATS application process so you can begin a relationship with them today. Not every candidate is ready to apply, and among those that are, as many as 70% may drop off before completion. SmashFly customizable Talent Network Forms enable you to capture a candidate’s contact information up-front. In addition, brand and customize talent network forms for each candidate persona and campaign, to create a candidate experience that’s relevant and personalized from the start.


Exponentially capture more candidates that visit your Career Site from their mobile device by making it easy to opt-in with as little as their email address. With SmashFly’s mobile responsive Talent Network Forms, provide every candidate with the option to “Join Your Talent Network” in an experience optimized for smartphones and tablets and consistent with your employer brand. By capturing a candidate’s interest while they’re mobile browsing, you can mitigate application drop-off in the ATS using a simple call to action button anywhere on your Career Site or at the start of the apply process. If they do drop off, use automation rules in the SmashFly CRM to email candidates later encouraging them to complete their application when they are ready.


Instantly capture contact information and candidate resumes at career events using your mobile device or theirs. SmashFly’s mobile responsive Talent Network Forms can be presented to candidates on a tablet so you can capture leads on the spot and follow up later by email with relevant jobs. Or, use a trackable QR code that lets candidates quickly access the form from their smartphones and upload their resumes to your database. While still at the event, use SmashFly’s CRM to segment and sort candidates based on their qualifications or priority for follow up. Eliminate the need for sign-up sheets or business card exchanges with the convenience of enabling candidates to opt in to your Talent Network from their mobile device.


Building a Talent Network in the Recruitment CRM is only a single piece of what you can do with our Recruitment Marketing Platform.

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