Most recruiting organizations realize the importance and benefits of a targeted SEO, mobile, and social media recruiting strategy. But few have the knowledge and capabilities to effectively build and maintain this strategy. That’s why we’re here to help.

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With SmashFly Career Marketing Sites, we partner with recruiting organizations to help you identify realistic goals and create optimized processes to attract candidates using search engines such as Google and Bing. We help you effectively build a brand-new talent pipeline that is simple to maintain and should improve in performance over time.

SmashFly CMS helps put SEO, mobile, and social media best practices to work for your organization by enabling you to reach candidates who are specifically looking for your jobs and helping these candidates easily apply for your jobs and become contacts in your recruitment CRM database.

How Our Solution is Different

Our CMS solution is about much more than just search optimizing your job content (although we certainly do that). With Career Marketing Pages, we've designed our technology to serve two major goals:

  • To optimize your job content to drive candidates from search engines to become applicants in your ATS
  • To enable you to create dynamic recruiting content to target specific candidate groups and communities

Let's go a little deeper into how we accomplish these goals for you.

How We Make Your Job Content SEO-friendly

We've worked hard to identify and build a solution that will provide the most ROI for your recruiting organization and provide the following best-in-class features within our solution:

  • Keyword-optimized landing pages: Career marketing sites are built using SEO-friendly job pages that will include the job title and location in each unique URL. We will also create a dynamic site map, optimized for Google and other search engines.
  • Integrated social recruiting: Every career marketing site will have seamless compatibility with standard social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so candidates can share certain job pages with their networks.
  • Real-time keyword and social media metrics and reporting: Like everything in our Recruitment Marketing Platform, we will provide unrivaled recruiting metrics and reporting for your SEO recruiting channel. We provide the ability to use the metrics dashboard to track all keywords that drive candidates to your career site, as well as all jobs that are shared on social networks.
  • Talent network functionality: With our Talent Network solution, we provide a candidate "opt in" feature that lets candidates join your company's talent network directly from your career site. In addition, candidates will have the ability to sign up for email alerts for jobs that match similar criteria.
  • Mobile-optimized career site: Your SEO career site will be mobile-friendly and automatically display the mobile version when candidates visit the site on their smartphones.

It's becoming increasingly important to make sure you're using SEO, mobile, and social media best practices on all of your job positions and recruiting content. Let us help you sort through the confusion to create a customized SEO solution for your organization that will help you take advantage of the great recruiting content you already have.

We Help You Build Dynamic Recruiting Content on the Fly

The ability to create dynamic content on your SEO site is one of the key differentiators of our CMS solution. With our technology, we enable your recruiters to easily create targeted landing pages for your candidates. Every landing page can include text, images, video, and our custom job preset controls, and can be branded with your own colors and logos.

Whether it's a new microsite with targeted information for chemical engineers or a landing page created for Boston College students to learn about job opportunities, your recruiters can create SEO-optimized content that will resonate with candidates and increase the number of qualified candidates who apply for positions.

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