SmashFly's new Referrals solution goes beyond traditional employee referrals by creating a modern referral network where anyone can sponsor a referral into the organization. It focuses on quality and compliance over volume, recommendations over just names while providing full customization of the process and deep integration with your other channels and systems.

Increasing Employee Referrals -
43% of organizations with ERPs get 28% more hires from referrals by doing this one thing, learn it and more in this report from SmashFly Technologies.

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In the end, SmashFly Referrals helps your organization to design a referral program that fits your unique needs and turns more qualified candidates into job applicants.


Enable anyone (employees, alumni, contractors, customers, vendors, partners, and fans) to sponsor a referral candidate via their social and email connections. Just as important, ensure every qualified candidate gets referred based on their skills and not just through a job.


Receive real recommendations from your referral sponsors instead of just names by ensuring validation for every sponsor-candidate relationship. Nurture referral contacts in your CRM that are not ready to apply into qualified and interested candidates and convert them for future job openings


Manage your referral program centrally from a centralized CRM built for engagement while maintaining a compliant hiring process. Customize your process by country, sponsor type and job while integrating with your existing ATS, HRIS, payroll and fulfillment systems.


Communicate directly with both referral candidates as well as your best sponsors to drive more referrals and qualified applicants. View, segment, priortize and follow-up with specific candidate audiences and your best sponsors through automatic emails, candidate driven job alerts and targeted engagement campaigns.


Measure from referral to hire with systematic source tracking through ATS integration. Ensure agnostic measurement of referrals side by side all other sources of hire to understand the true value of referrals in your strategy. Accurately report on reward payout for all sponsors whether it's one sponsor or multiple.


Employee Referrals is only a single piece of what you can do with our Recruitment Marketing Platform.

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