Sourcing candidates into your Recruitment CRM is the first step to an effective Talent Network strategy. However, the true success of a Talent Network is determined with how you communicate, nurture and build relationships with candidates who opt-in.

Email Best Practices for Recruiters -
This guide will help recruiters to learn best practices when it comes to email marketing, covering key items like list management (spam, unsubscribes, flagging through email systems) and decreased effectiveness (poor open rates, click rates, and conversion rates).

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With SmashFly, you have access to all of the tools needed to effectively nurture and connect with the candidates in a personalized and targeted fashion.


Continuously nurture candidate relationships with the right content and messaging at the right time in the candidate’s journey. SmashFly CRM enables you to provide valuable and relevant content and jobs to candidates based on their interests and skills to keep them interested in your organization and improve conversion of these candidates into applicants.


Jump-start your recruitment marketing by leveraging an array of customizable email templates that can be matched to your brand standards. SmashFly CRM comes with built-in templates for thank you emails, newsletters, job alerts and content campaigns, helping you to focus less on design or HTML coding and more on the content that will drive candidate interest and conversion.


Consistently ensure your recruiting team focuses on building relationships with candidates rather than wasting time on manual tasks in the CRM. With SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Automation, set-up intelligent automation rules based on candidate and recruiter actions to ensure proper segmentation of CRM contacts, timely communication with candidates and automatic assignment of tasks and alerts to your recruiters so they can focus on attracting and converting the right candidate contacts. Improve the conversion rates of your talent pipelines with drip marketing. Automatically remind candidates who drop off during the apply process to complete their application. Create and deliver multi-touch email campaigns that automatically send relevant content and messaging based on candidates actions and interests. All to ensure that candidates are touched each month and remain engaged with your employer brand and job opportunities for future recruiter engagement.


Drastically improve response times to your recruiting communications by engaging candidates via their mobile devices. Send targeted messages via SMS and leverage mobile responsive email templates to nurture and improve conversion. Use a custom short code through our partner to send high volume time-sensitive messaging to candidates to increase SMS success and ensure carrier compliance.


Email Marketing within the Recruitment CRM is only a single piece of what you can do with our Recruitment Marketing Platform.

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