Hiring the right people isn’t just a talent acquisition challenge, it’s a business challenge – and business is constantly changing. Our platform is purpose-built to solve your pressing challenges today and grow with you as your challenges change in the future. Do these sound familiar?

Personalized Candidate Experience

“We need a more dynamic, personalized candidate experience.”
Your Challenge: Candidates know us and visit our career site, but they don’t finish the application or show interest in learning more.
Our Solution: Consistently market your employer brand and messaging with a mobile- and search engine-optimized career site and automated CRM nurture strategy.

Engaged Talent Pipelines

"We need to grow and nurture our talent pipeline to hire ahead of our competition."
Your Challenge: We start every req from scratch and source from the same talent pools as everyone else. We don’t connect with potential hires early enough.
Our Solution: Utilize talent network forms and advanced sourcing tools to build your own CRM database of qualified leads, then nurture them for the right opportunity.

Targeted Initiative Hiring

“We need more effective initiative recruiting, especially in diversity, military and campus.”
Your Challenge: We spend a lot money and time on recruiting events and campaigns to meet initiative hiring goals, but we don’t know what’s working and can’t nurture leads we generate.
Our Solution: Dominate every event and campaign with better volunteer communication, lead generation and nurture, with the metrics to prove what’s driving quality hires.


Ensuring business and hiring success takes more than technology, it takes people – and we have an experienced Recruitment Marketing Services team to help your team make your strategic talent acquisition vision a reality. From customer journey maps and automated workflows to email nurture strategy and career site design, our Services team collaborates with you to deliver on your key challenges now, while helping you grow your strategy to get ahead of challenges in the future.


CH2M uses SmashFly to build their worldwide talent network of over 300,000 leads.

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“SmashFly is doing a fantastic job of keeping the pulse of the customer, asking us what we want and putting things in place for us to offer ideas. It’s great to have that support.”
– John Cotton, CH2M

$750,000 savings in job marketing spend. 113,000 opt-in talent newsletter subscribers. 410 new applicants each newsletter send. As CH2M matured its talent acquisition strategy, our Recruitment Marketing Platform and Services grew with them, helping reduce the company’s yearly cost per hire by 50%.