Why You Need a Recruitment Marketing Platform

Candidates are like consumers: they have a universe of choices and interact with many touchpoints (as many as 18!) as they research and choose their next career. Modern talent acquisition teams use recruitment marketing to proactively build relationships with these savvy candidates long before they need to fill a job in order to get ahead of the competition. Plus, they know they need to measure and track every tactic – and the candidate journey – in order to optimize and maximize their resources.

The question is: How?

Building a pipeline of quality, interested talent is a big, forward-thinking goal, and there’s usually a long list of challenges in the way, like:

  • Not attracting enough quality candidates for job reqs open today
  • Lack of awareness of your employer brand
  • A push for more diversity, military and campus recruiting
  • A broken candidate experience
  • Wasted time spent on manual tasks or hard-to-use tools
  • Untrustworthy analytics pulled from too many sources
  • Little insight into what’s actually working and what’s not

Recruiting is undergoing a transformation. It’s merging best-in-class marketing techniques (and technology!) with recruitment practices that drive more quality leads through the top of the funnel, giving us a new discipline: recruitment marketing. Building a recruitment marketing discipline takes a combination of people, process and technology. Technology is only part of the equation, but it’s essential to the equation. Download this white paper to learn more!

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