The Next Chapter is Total Recruitment Marketing

SmashFly Chief Sales Officer Scott Fowle shares his thoughts on the next evolution in talent acquisition, and the tremendous parallels he sees between how sales and marketing organizations attract customers, and how recruiting organizations can attract qualified candidates. In this white paper, Scott takes a look back at his first year at SmashFly – why it was an enormous success, which of his predictions came true, and what this means for the future of recruitment marketing.

“What we predicted is happening – and at a rapidly increasing rate.”

Fundamental shifts are taking place in the search for talent. The old quest for talent was all about getting people into the funnel; the idea was that, eventually, a hire would pop out the other side of that funnel, ready to go. But this resulted in a lot of lost contacts along the way.

With these factors in mind, employers recognize that the ATS – yesterday’s innovation and today’s necessity – is not enough. Employers are looking for more. They want to do a better job attracting and building relationships with pre-candidate talent. They see the value of “always on” recruiting, accessible anywhere via mobile devices, and communicating with talent networks. They know that mobile and social media are keys to reaching people on the move and competing effectively for the right people in today’s highly-connected world. And, companies want meaningful, actionable data to make real-time decisions. They may not have the processes or technologies in place to do what they want with their current systems, but they’re looking.

So what’s the next step? Join Scott as he takes a look at recruitment marketing and where it fits into the evolving role of talent acquisition, as well as the technological solutions that too many recruiters are missing out on.

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