Mobile in Recruiting: What Does It Mean?

Mobile is one of the biggest buzzwords in business today. And organizations are trying to figure out how to leverage mobile technologies not only to improve employee efficiency, but also to better the overall customer experience. With today’s candidates looking more and more like customers, and looking for valuable, relevant, convenient sources of information to inform their purchasing decisions, why should talent acquisition be left out? A compelling candidate experience is just as vital – or perhaps even more so – than a great customer experience.

Leveraging mobile technologies can mean a lot of different things for an organization. Candidates are also using their mobile phones in the job search more and more frequently, making it incredibly important that your messaging, career site, communications and apply process are all mobile friendly.

Some key insights from this resource:

  • The amazing opportunity mobile presents to engage with your candidates wherever they are.
  • The first place you must be implementing a strong mobile strategy.
  • Key areas where you can leverage mobile technology, such as career fairs, a recruiting app, and SMS.
  • How to source candidates wherever you are, and manage talent databases from mobile devices.

This white paper by SmashFly Director of Marketing Chris Brablc explores three areas where investing in mobile capabilities can add real value to your recruitment marketing strategy. Learn where you should be paying the most attention to mobile technologies, as well as actionable strategies for going mobile friendly, fast.

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