Do Your Trust Your Recruiting Analytics?

Do you trust your recruiting analytics? It’s a simple question that should have a simple answer. However, whether or not our data is sound – and how we can ensure that it is – is often the furthest thing from our minds.


In short, if you put garbage in, you’re going to get garbage out. If how you capture and store your data is off, your data outputs can’t (and shouldn’t) be trusted in decision making. So the question is: how do we improve our data input?

This white paper examines the methods and process of data input, so you can ensure the trustworthiness of your outputs. Better understanding the integrity of your recruitment data begins with these four questions:

  1. How many different systems are you using to capture recruitment data?
  2. Is your data captured in the same manner based on the same criteria?
  3. Is your data being captured together?
  4. Do users have full access to your data in real-time?

SmashFly Director of Marketing Chris Brablc guides you through these questions and their answers, as well as the impact of each on your analytics strategy. If you’ve never thought about how you capture your data, and whether the insights you gain from it are untainted by garbled inputs, download a copy of this white paper today.

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