Building a Better Career Site for the Future Today

While companies work hard on their strategy for candidate attraction and management, many are still challenged to find quality talent. Although most large employers have a corporate career site to manage this experience, the site often falls short of the expectations of today’s job seekers. For many companies, a top-to-bottom redesign of the corporate career site is worth serious consideration. With a robust and accessible career site, the company has the core anchor to drive traffic, deliver relevant content and create an employer brand that engages qualified individuals and encourages them to apply for the company’s positions.

For organizations to build a more comprehensive recruitment strategy, a good place to start is with a complete reconsideration of the corporate career site and how it can drive better talent attraction. Organizations that do so will have a significant competitive advantage in attracting top talent. However, success goes beyond just finding the right talent, and a career site has the potential to do so much more. Companies are beginning to realize that their recruiting content should be an extension of their overall brand, rather than a separate initiative. The end goal is a completely seamless website experience, with consistent messaging and branding throughout all of the company’s website pages, including the career site.

By reading this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How to improve the SEO of your job opportunities and recruiting content
  • Different ways to leverage mobile devices in your career site strategy
  • Several strategies to enhance the candidate experience
  • The importance of tight source capture in how your career site measures performance

The career site and employer brand can be a strategic differentiator in a recruitment marketing strategy that drives qualified candidate traffic and improves overall return on investment. This white paper will help companies think more strategically about employment branding and provide some key considerations for building out a robust career site and branding strategy.

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