ATS + Recruitment Marketing Platform: Why You Need Both

You want a stronger, more seamless candidate experience. You want a more dynamic, consistent employer brand. You want candidates to choose you over your competition, every time. You want to be able to source from a pipeline of qualified and interested candidates—not start every new job req from scratch.

We hear you. Organizations are adopting modern recruitment marketing strategies to attract, engage and nurture pre-applicant leads so they can fill jobs more quickly, both today and a year from now.

The challenge is that many talent acquisition teams are trying to use their applicant tracking system (ATS) to support their recruitment marketing efforts. They want the ATS to be an engagement platform. They want it to help recruiters market their jobs and leverage their employer brand better. They want it to measure the full funnel from attraction to hire for all their sources, measuring influence along the way.

They want the ATS to do it all. And they get frustrated when it doesn’t. But the ATS wasn’t built for engaging leads; it was built for processing applicants. The ATS enables recruiters to create job requisitions, track applicants and manage the hiring process.

The ATS doesn’t need to change. It needs to partner with a technology that is purpose-built for attracting, engaging and nurturing leads and converting them into applicants: a Recruitment Marketing Platform (RMP).

Read up on the 18 critical points of ATS + RMP integration, and discover how your team can benefit from leveraging these essential recruitment technologies simultaneously.

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