What You Get From a Recruitment Marketing Platform

SmashFly CEO Mike Hennessy gives a brief rundown of what total recruitment marketing platform really means.

Building a better workforce begins with leveraging the top half of the recruitment funnel. SmashFly’s powerful software provides you with a 360° solution, allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of every aspect of your recruitment strategy.

We start by bringing the discipline of marketing and the power of marketing automation to the recruiting field. From there, we shift the focus from guesswork to data-driven insights, and from siloed solutions to full integration. Many companies have point solutions that address their needs one by one: a CRM solution, a social media solution, a job distribution solution, et cetera. SmashFly, however, takes a holistic approach – providing you with one enterprise-level solution that does it all.

How can you benefit from a total recruitment marketing solution? Listen to Mike’s minute-and-a-half explanation of how SmashFly’s unified, multichannel analytics empower you to recruit smarter.