Candidate Persona Template

Defining your target personas is a key step to maximizing the impact of your talent networks.

Say you’ve got a bunch of brand new leads that just enrolled in your talent community. You’d like to someday convert these leads into applicants. So what’s the missing step to bridge that gap?

The answer is nurture. We define nurture as communicating the right message to the right candidate at the right time. Think of the “right message” as the intersection of what you want to communicate to your talent network and what they want to hear. Nurturing your talent leads is vital to converting them into applicants, and eventually, hires.

But you can’t communicate effectively if you don’t know who you’re talking to. That’s why it’s vital to create targeted candidate personas for each of the key skill families you recruit. Doing so helps you better understand how to engage and communicate with these audiences in a meaningful way.

Luckily, our downloadable Candidate Persona Template contains everything you need to define target personas so you can start attracting the right candidates with your content. We’ll help you identify the what, why, and how of your ideal candidates. From there, you’ll be ready to use our Candidate Messaging Template to help you identify the right messages to send throughout every step of the candidate journey.

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